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ديسكريب لانتاج الفيديو والبودكاست - descript


Descript is the all-in-one solution for creating stunning videos and engaging podcasts effortlessly with the help of AI. ✅ Convert from voice to text with the ability to add/edit/delete. ✅ Easily remove duplicates and words from video/podcast text. ✅ Convert from text to voice - Voice library with the ability to customize your voice ✅ Ready-to-use templates/video/images/sounds. ✅ Possibilities for group cooperation between teams. ✅ Remove background.
نبراتي- nabarati


Nabarati: It is a leading Arab platform for artificial intelligence voice production and commentary. It offers realistic, high-quality voices at different prices and provides a free trial. Discover the power of technology and creativity to enrich audio content with the help of Nabarati.