Company:Descript tool developed by Descript company.

Cost: Free with subscription plans

Creator: $12 per month per user or $144 per year-

Pro: $24 per month per user or $288 per year-

Business: Custom pricing for teams of more than 10 users-

Free Trial: Yes

DeScript is a comprehensive tool for creating video and podcast content. It allows users to write, record, transcribe, edit podcast/video, collaborate and share their multimedia content with ease

With DeScript, you can edit videos and podcasts as easily as if you were using documents and slides, making the process easy and intuitive

The platform offers features such as audio editing, audio-to-text conversion and editing, screen recording, high-resolution audio recording, creating audio clips, hosting videos on the cloud, and group collaboration capabilities between teams

ديسكريب لانتاج الفيديو والبودكاست - descript

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Descript ai tool pros and cons

The cost of subscriptions for advanced features may be high for some usersEasy-to-use interface for editing videos and podcasts
The text-to-video script feature does not support all languages – it does not support ArabicPowerful capabilities for transcribing audio content with tools for correction
Supports adding caption and subtitle to video easily
There is a library of different sounds that can be used to convert from text to audio using artificial intelligence to add sound to the video
Supports converting video audio to text automatically with the ability to delete/edit/add (supports 22 languages)
Supports detecting and reusing audio in video
It allows you to add a copy of your voice, then record the words you want in your voice
Multiple features to reuse and publish content such as ready-made templates of video/images/sounds
Free trial available
It allows projects to be shared directly on the Cloud, making them easily accessible by your team with great collaboration and commenting capabilities
Any duplicate or unnecessary words like “uh”,”um” can be removed and easily detected
It allows you to record video directly and edit it before you share it
The ability to remove the background and add wonderful effects to the video
The ability to share and record a video/meeting, etc. with others, then edit it directly before uploading it
Ability to upload and share directly on social media for video/podcast