Company: platform developed by an arabic company called Nabarati

Cost:Requires a subscription, but there is a free trial

Free Trial: Yes

نبراتي- nabarati

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Nabarati is a leading platform in the field of voice production and commentary using artificial intelligence. It features a wide range of high-quality Arabic and English voices

Thanks to artificial intelligence techniques, “Nabrati” presents voices that are distinguished by their realism and their ability to erase the difference between them and human voices

Thanks to its advanced technologies, the platform allows users to easily create realistic and professional audio content, whether for marketing, education, gaming, or other purposes. It also supports the Arabic language in all its diversity and enables efficient Arabization of audio content. With a free trial and affordable pricing, the platform helps beginners and professionals turn their ideas into exceptional audio experiences

How to use Nabarati AI Platform

How to use Nabarati AI Platform to transformt Text to Speech in arabic

The Nabarati platform offers high-quality Arabic voices in different dialects that feel real, as the sound is generated according to the emotions you specify. The platform also includes unique audio editing tools and also provides a dubbing service. Now let us learn about the most important pros and cons of this platform

Nabarati ai tool pros and cons

The technology is still under development and may produce some errorsNatural and realistic voices that can be used as voiceovers
The text must be formatted before adding it to get a correct reading and better resultsA library of voices that offers a variety of different voices
The free trials are limited and the platform is not free, which may not be suitable for people with limited incomeSupport for different Arabic dialects and emotion control
The voice cloning feature has not yet been launchedVoice cloning
Support for different languages: In addition to Arabic, sound can be generated in other languages such as English and French
No copyright on voices