Company: Lucas is an AI-powered video editor developed by IDOMOO.

Cost: Free and allows up to 15 videos to be uploaded without watermark

Free Trial: Yes

Lucas AI Video Creator is an innovative tool developed by IDOMOO that uses artificial intelligence to create interesting and personalized videos. This tool relies on AI technology to automatically generate video content based on selected data inputs, allowing businesses and marketers to create highly customized video campaigns.

With its AI capabilities, Lucas can dynamically adapt video elements, such as text, images, and audio, to match the preferences and interests of individual viewers, creating a personalized and impactful video experience

Lucas tool pros and cons

The audio in the video does not support the Arabic language, but it generates Arabic texts
It may generate images or videos that are not suitable for the topic of the video and need to be modifiedDownloading video without watermark
While Lucas AI Video Creator provides convenience, it may lack human touch and limit your creativity compared to traditional video production methods.The ability to simply edit the generated video from a library of images an videos, in addition to editing the text
The presence of several options for voice over and high performance in the English language
The possibility of generating an image and using it directly in the video using artificial intelligence
Lucas AI Video Creator software enables companies to deliver highly personalized, personalized video content, which boosts engagement and conversion rates.
Efficiently create a large number of customized videos, saving time and resources.