D-ID : Image to Video AI tool

Company: D-ID is an Image to Video AI tool deeloped by D-ID Company.

Cost: Need a subscription.

Free Trial: YES, It gives 20 cards.

تحويل الصور الى فيديو - أداة D-ID

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Di-ID introduces a cutting-edge AI-powered tool that breathes life into portrait photos. Leveraging groundbreaking AI technology, Di-ID can animate portrait photos, creating captivating and dynamic videos.

The tool empowers users to effortlessly transform static images into engaging visual narratives.

Additionally, Di-ID provides a range of features such as a “Speaking Portrait,” capable of making images vocal, and a “PowerPoint AI Presenter” that facilitates the conversion of text into video content

How to use it – D-ID Tool review

The tool’s “Text-To-Video API” opens doors to converting textual content into compelling visual presentations

D-ID tool pros and cons

not freeDynamic Visual Transformation: Di-ID’s AI technology brings a new dimension to portrait photos by turning them into animated and dynamic videos.
Users new to AI video creation may need a learning curve to fully harness its capabilities.Ease of Transformation: Users can efficiently convert existing training materials, documents, and audio into engaging video content, all at a low cost.
Pronunciation for dialects presented in Arabic is incorrect, the user may need to raise their voiceSimplicity: The tool makes it easy to generate diverse training and learning content with a simple touch.
Pronunciation of some languages such as Arabic is not perfect and requires word formationGlobal Scalability: Seamlessly scale and adapt training content across various regions, languages, and accents, catering to a broader audience.
It does not offer capabilities to modify the movement of the imageEffortless Revisions: Modify and update content instantly without the need to delve back into video production, saving time and effort.
Affordable Explainer Videos: Create highly affordable explainer videos that effectively convey information in a visually engaging manner.